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Revisited: COVID-19 Precautions in Bangladesh’s Garment Factories

In this week’s Garment Worker Diaries blog, Revisited: COVID-19 Precautions in Bangladesh’s Garment Factories, we take a look back at the COVID-19 precautions factories were enacting in the early days of the pandemic, and compare those data to the results from another set of survey questions we just posed to workers in December.

Based on the workers’ observations, factories have relented somewhat in their enforcement of COVID-19 safety related practices over the past seven months. Garment workers too seem slightly less attuned to COVID-19 precautionary culture.

We also asked garment workers some new questions in December we hadn’t asked them in May, which included gauging their fear of losing their job due to COVID-19.

If there is anything in the blog that we did not cover and which you’d like to know about, please write us your thoughts at We can also pose questions directly to the workers themselves if there is anything specific you’d like more information about.

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