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October Surprise: Everything is (almost) Back to Normal for Garment Workers in Bangladesh

In MFO’s most recent blog post at MFO and SANEM bring the Garment Worker Diaries study up to date in Bangladesh for a full seven months from April through October. What we are finding is that for most garment workers life and work is continuing its slow return to pre-COVID times.

One thing this means is that cash payments (whether factory wages or financial transactions among workers) are regaining territory that digital payments had carved out in the wake of the pandemic. Worker illness, injury and food insecurity are also trending down in October. Most workers are paying their rent on time.

In an effort to understand even more how COVID-19 is affecting workers and what they know about, this month we began asking workers COVID-specific questions, which we’ll continue asking from now on. You can find the workers’ responses to our questions near the end of this week’s blog.

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