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Garment Worker Diaries Update in Bangladesh through March 2022

This week’s Garment Worker Diaries update brings the project up to date in Bangladesh through the end of March 2022. Among our usual monthly updates, we continue to monitor work hours within the context of total working days in a month in order to highlight the fact that many garment workers in Bangladesh end up working more hours than legally allowed. This is not their fault, however. Many of them are forced to work excess hours because this is the only way they can earn enough money to provide a decent life for themselves and their families. 

In the near future, we look forward to sharing a paper we’ve written detailing our living wage analysis for garment workers in Bangladesh. What that analysis will reveal is the unsurprising fact that garment workers earn nowhere near enough money to cover expenses that many people in developed countries would characterize as the bare minimum for a decent life.

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