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Educational Aspirations Part Two: Garment Workers’ Educations

Last week in our Garment Worker Diaries blog series we discussed how far parents working in the RMG sector would like to see their children’s education progress, and what types of barriers their children might face climbing the education ladder.

In Part 2 of our Educational Aspirations blog this week, we discuss the workers’ educational ambitions for themselves. Many garment workers (20%) would still like to continue their education all the way on to university, despite the fact that 82% of them don’t have a secondary school certificate. The possible barriers they think they might face on this journey are somewhat different to the perceived barriers their children might face, but the need for additional income and the cost of school still appear to be two of the bigger roadblocks.

We also hope you’ll check out our most recent #OpenDiaries post on Instagram. We asked garment workers what job benefits they wish they could demand, and how many of them have health insurance. And remember, you can always submit your own questions you’d like us to ask the workers. Just send an email to to reach the workers.

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