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Educational Aspirations: Children of Garment Workers

In this week’s Garment Worker Diaries blog, we cover a subject our blog series hasn’t fully touched on yet: education.

We had so much to ask garment workers about the subject, and they had so much to tell us, that we’re splitting the blog up into two parts. Part #1 this week focuses on garment workers’ educational aspirations for their own children. Part #2 next week will focus on workers’ own hopes for themselves. We hope you’ll click through!

We’re also inviting you to join us next Thursday February 18th at 10am EST for Ethical New York Fashion Week. MFO’s project manager Dani Ortega will be speaking on a panel alongside Laudes Foundation and SANEM colleagues to discuss the true Supply Chain Heroes, who we all know are the workers. Tune in all week, and RSVP for our panel here:

If there is anything in the blog that we did not cover and which you’d like to know about, please write us your thoughts at We can also pose questions directly to the workers themselves if there is anything specific you’d like more information about.

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