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Return to Garment Workers’ Households

In this week’s Garment Worker Diaries blog, we put the spotlight back on the other salary-earning members of workers’ households. We haven’t given you an update on this since last summer, but every month since then we’ve been asking garment workers questions about the other people with whom they share their homes.

What we found according to the most recent data from December is that not much has changed since July. Similar proportions of garment workers are either sole salary earners or living with one or more additional salary earners. Work hours and salaries have held very stable over time, as have the variety of jobs and the workers performing those jobs.

Stability might not be the most provocative story, but as we think about what has to happen next, these data give us a good sense of the current situation.

If there is anything in the blog that we did not cover and which you’d like to know about, please write us your thoughts at We can also pose questions directly to the workers themselves if there is anything specific you’d like more information about.

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