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Impact of the 2018 Wage Gazette on Garment Workers in Bangladesh

MFO’s partner in the field in Bangladesh for the Worker Diaries initiative there, SANEM, is again guest-authoring this week’s blog. This time around they designed a survey to gauge what effect, if any, the 2018 wage gazette announcement in Bangladesh has had on workers in terms of their workloads and the makeup of their production lines in garment factories. Just as a reminder, the gazette announcement increased the minimum wage for workers in the RMG sector in December 2018. 

SANEM also asked workers to tell us what has had more of an impact on their work: COVID-19 or the wage gazette. We hope you’ll click through to get the whole story.

And if you’d like to share the Bangla-language version of the blog, that is available here.

As always, you can send any questions you have for MFO, SANEM, the workers or about the project to

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