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Digital Wage Experience Revisited: What Have Women Workers Learned?

Here is MFO’s latest post in our Garment Worker Diaries blog series on Digital Wage Experience Revisited: What Have Women Workers Learned?

In May 2020 MFO and SANEM asked women garment workers in Bangladesh about their experiences with digital wage payments, and we asked them the same questions again in September. Because we are talking with the same workers each week, we are able to look at how the women workers switched their responses from May to September. In order to understand what women garment workers might have learned about digital finance, we matched up all the women who answered our questions in both months—457 in total.

This tactic is a little different for this week’s blog because we focus on a specific subset of our respondents to see how their behavior has changed over time. In addition to drilling down into the data we apply some demographic analysis, another new approach for this blog series. The analysis produces some very interesting correlations between education, age, and acquisition of digital skills. However, we note that further analysis is needed to see exactly which demographic variables might be at play.

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