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Consumer Education for Branchless Banking

As providers design and launch branchless banking (BB) or digital finance one crucial element that tends not to be given sufficient attention is the consumer experience. For the past four years, MFO has been researching and analyzing what branchless banking means to low-income customers and their experience with these services. Our findings show that a variety of barriers can undermine their uptake and use of branchless banking, including limited trust and understanding of the service, misconceptions and fears about the technology, as well as a lack of confidence to use these services.

In partnership with The MasterCard Foundation, MFO has designed, implemented and evaluated consumer education programs designed to improve the experience of  low-income customers with BB services. The resources  on this web page  present the insights and lessons learned from our projects  with our branchless banking partners:  Zoona and VisionFund in Zambia, FINO PayTech  in India, and Microenterprise Access to Banking Services (MABS) program and the Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (RBAP)  in the Philippines.

Field Insight Series: The Role of Consumer Adoption

  1. Uncovering Barriers to Branchless Banking A Synthesis of Consumer Capability Research in India, Malawi, Philippines, and Zambia
  2. From Insights to Action: Building Client Trust and Confidence in Branchless Banking
  3. Mobile Banking in the Philippines
  4. Smart Cards in India
  5. Microfinance and E-Payments in Zambia
  6. Embedded Education: Lessons Learned from Three Branchless Banking Projects

Videos: Consumer Education for Branchless Banking Series

  1. The Power of Agents: Smart Cards in India
  2. Changing the Way We Look at Success: Mobile Banking in the Philippines
  3. The Customer Focused Approach: Microfinance and E-Payments in Zambia
  4. Why Consumer Education Matters for Branchless Banking
  5. How Embedding Consumer Education is Easier than You Think

Outcome Assessment Report Series

  1. RBAP-MABS, Philippines
  2. FINO, India
  3. Zoona and VisionFund, Zambia

Consumer Education for Branchless Banking (CEBB) Online Course

Click here to learn more about this online course which guides mid-level staff of financial service providers through the process of developing a Consumer Education (CE) strategy to support the adoption of their Branchless Banking services.


Lessons Learned: Driving Adoption of Branchless Banking Through Consumer Education Webinar

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