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Associate Program

MFO has a deep commitment to understanding of the realities of low-income households and what it takes to educate, protect and financially empower low-income consumers of financial services.

2014 sees a renewed forward commitment from MFO to bespoke coaching, mentoring and capacity development for those within the financial sector seeking to better understand and serve low income consumers. As part of this effort, MFO is relaunching its Associate Program.

Your opportunity as an MFO Associate!

Currently MFO has associates established in Brazil, Bolivia, Kenya, Malawi and Zimbabwe; however the demand for our services and technical assistance often extends beyond our bench strength.

Who are we looking for?

MFO’s Associate program offers high potential individuals an amazing platform for building capacity to make significant contributions in the field of inclusive finance, consumer centred research and financial capability development.

An MFO Associate would already possess industry specific experience; display natural ambition, initiative and a passion to learn; exhibit leadership potential; and have already undertaken MFO training in our financial education or consumer research methodologies.

What is the role of an MFO Associate?

An Associate collaborates with MFO in sourcing and securing contracts as well as in the development and implementation of projects with MFO Alliance partners.

The nature of the partnership between an Associate and MFO will vary depending on the complexity of the project and the experience and skill of the Associate.

It can range from a joint venture between the Associate and MFO; to an Associate leading and managing all aspects of the project while drawing technical and logistical support as needed from MFO; through to MFO contracting with an Associate to perform a specific task on a project led by a Senior Advisor from MFOs team.

Benefits of becoming an MFO Associate?

An Associate benefits from unique opportunities to connect and collaborate with MFOs global network, gain real world experience, combined with access to our knowledge, research and practice frameworks which will keep you intellectually challenged.

MFO is in the process of expanding our Professional Development Portal (PDPortal) for industry specific, cost and time effective, professional online learning; education; as well as a dedicated Resource and Knowledge Platform to which Associates will have varying levels of exclusive, secure access. Amongst other things, the platform will house MFO proprietary resources that Associates will be able to use in the completion of projects.

Do you think you have what it takes?

APPLY to find out what it is like to work within Team MFO to design, develop or deliver the practical interventions, quality training and innovative solutions.

    Do you think you have what it takes? APPLY HERE

    “ My name is Cassia D’Aquino. I live in the city of Sao Paulo. I have invested the last 19 years to studing and developing financial education projects.

    My association with MFO was love at first sight back in Guatemala in 2007!

    I admire MFO firstly, because the genesis of the programs and tools are based on observations of the real living conditions and reality of low-income populations. Secondly, because I know the lengths MFO goes to to translate field observations and research into relevant and original theory. Finally, because I see MFO’s commitment to transform theory into learning tools relevant to target audiences.

    I am excited to continue to work with MFO on projects and delivering training to institutions interested in following MFO’s methodology. ”

    Cassia D'Aquino

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