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BY Guy Stuart, Ph.D. - Cambridge, MA. January 2020

Garment Worker Diaries Update

MFO and its partner in Bangladesh, SANEM, had a busy 2019 implementing the Garment Worker Diaries project. We collected a full 12 months of data from 1,300 workers, using the data to track their w... READ MORE
BY Guy Stuart, Ph.D. - Washington, D.C. February 26, 2018

Garment Worker Diaries Interactive Reports Released

MFO is pleased to release its Interactive Reports on the Garment Worker Diaries studies it conducted in Bangladesh, Cambodia, and India in collaboration with Fashion Revolution and C&A Foundati... READ MORE
BY Guy Stuart, Ph.D. - Washington, D.C. February 6, 2018

Over-Indebtedness in Cambodia: Findings from a Financial Diaries Study

Findings from MFO’s latest Financial Diaries study revealed that a segment of MFI borrowers from Cambodia who had high debt-to-income ratios displayed signs of financial stress including: food in... READ MORE

Microfinance Opportunities

Microfinance Opportunities is a global non-profit committed to understanding the economic realities of low-income and marginalized people. By describing and analyzing these realities we inform the policies and practices of government, the private sector, multilateral organizations, civil society, and low-income and marginalized people themselves. We do this through the collection, analysis, and visualization of data, and the dissemination of the results through interactive and engaging materials and education efforts.

Our Garment Worker Diaries initiative in Bangladesh is currently active and conducting telephone-based interviews with 1,300 garment workers a week. Our goal is to understand how they are living and working during the global COVID-19 crisis. Please stay up to date with us at our Worker Diaries homepage.

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MFO offers end to end technical assistance solutions to financial service providers, policy makers, telco’s, card providers, mobile money operators and other private sector organizations that seek to understand, educate, protect and financially empower low-income financial services consumers.

MFO is known for its delivery of practical interventions and innovative solutions, designed to support the creation and enhancement of enabling environments necessary for the development of financial capabilities and financial wellbeing of low-income consumers.

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