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This week, OpenDiaries asks garment workers in Bangladesh about their favorite daily activities and what they would do if they received more pay

This week in¬†OpenDiaries, garment workers in Bangladesh share their day-to-day highlights, providing an intimate look into their daily routines. All respondents discuss activities outside of the workplace as their favorite parts of their day, frequently mentioning times of rest, prayer, and conversation with family. Additionally, we asked workers how they would use extra income if their pay were to increase. Many respondents said they would save money for their children, particularly for their education. A few respondents mention that they would save money for their daughters’ marriages.

You can find the full slideshow here and you can discover more #OpenDiaries posts here.

If you have a question for the garment workers, there are three ways to ask it: 1) direct message us 2) write in the post comments, or 3) send an email to

Note: the quotes in the posts are not from the workers in the photos, but from different workers.

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