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Expanding Access to Financial Education: Adolescents and Young People

A critical part of adolescence, a time when many young people shift from economic dependence to economic independence, is learning how to manage money. This might involve, for example, setting financial goals, tracking expenses, making a budget, or saving for the future. Until recently, there has been little attention paid to these topics in development programs for young people or in financial service programs for the poor.

Young People: Your Future, Your Money is designed specifically for youth. It prepares adolescents and young adults for the financial responsibilities of adulthood. Armed with new knowledge and skills, they are more able to not only manage day-to-day expenses and risks, but also to plan ahead for life cycle needs, enter the workforce and take advantage of economic opportunities. The youth module is targeted at young people, female and male, ages 16-22 in diverse circumstances: married or unmarried; with or without children; in school or working.

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