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Excess Work Hours Among Garment Workers in Bangladesh, Part 3

In our two previous Garment Worker Diaries blog posts in this Excess Work Hours series we’ve discussed¬†two key sets of data:¬†

  • The Bangladeshi government just recently increased the legal limit on work hours per week for garment workers, coinciding with a rise in excessive work hours that have been getting reported to us as part of the Garment Worker Diaries study (part one).
  • Many garment workers feel that they have no choice but to work overtime when it is requested of them, and a sizable share also think that if they refuse to work overtime, they risk being penalized by factory management (part two).

In this third part in the series, we start to analyze excess work hours by additional variables, including regions within Bangladesh and whether or not a garment factory’s name appears on certain publicly available supplier lists. As time goes on we hope to isolate additional variables to understand exactly who is working excess hours and where they are doing it.

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