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Household Earners, May 2021

We’re keeping up with garment workers’ households in this week’s Garment Worker Diaries blog, as we take another look at the data for salary-earning household members.

As a companion to this blog post, we also invite you to take a look at today’s #OpenDiaries post, for which we asked garment workers the question “How do you take care of your loved ones?”. Pitching in their salaries to shared household savings is only one way that garment workers support their friends and family.

Also, we’ll be taking a bit of a summer break from blogging over the next few weeks. We’ve got a lot of data to clean and analyze, and we’ll be excited to share our findings with you once the data have been sifted.

As always, please send any questions you have for MFO, SANEM, the workers or about the project to

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