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Living Wage, Living Planet: Part One

This week and next week’s Garment Worker Diaries blog will form a series we are calling “Living Wage, Living Planet“. The two blogs are adapted from a recent report we wrote in which we used both Garment Worker Diaries data and other publicly available data to determine what we think a fair living wage should be for garment workers in industrial areas of Bangladesh.

We then took this living wage calculation a step further and asked ourselves who else might benefit from garment workers receiving a living wage, and how they might benefit. Our claim is that everyone benefits from garment workers getting paid more, including the planet we share.

While we are always excited to share each blog post with you, this particular blog series represents somewhat of a culmination of the past two years of data collection in Bangladesh. In honor of that, we are putting workers’ immediate needs to the fore perhaps more than ever before, and that makes us particularly happy to be sharing this blog post with you today.

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