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Starting Off in the Garment Industry and Choosing a Factory

How do garment workers in Bangladesh first get started in the industry? Who introduces them? And how do they select a new factory to work at when the time has come to move on?

We developed this set of special questions with one of our partners and today we’re bringing you the answers

And this is just a reminder that if you or someone you know would like to submit a set of special questions to us, the channel is open and garment workers are ready to share. The questions can be broad or very industry-specific, like these questions were. We’d love to partner with you to develop a questionnaire which can help bring more aspects of garment workers’ stories to life.

Please feel free to email Dani Ortega ( back if you’d like to explore the potential of the Worker Diaries channel.

And as always, you can send any other questions you have for MFO, SANEM, the workers or about the project to

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