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What financial inclusion obstacle are we supporting low-income people to navigate? What financial capability are we attempting to enable or develop? What – gives you access to MFO’s select publications organized around the content of a financial education curriculum or training manual. You can also gain access to the full set of Global Financial Education Program materials here.

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Garment Worker Diaries Covid-19 Blog Series, May to September 2020

Since May 2020 MFO has been publishing a blog almost every week with updates from our Diaries interviews with 1,300 garment workers in Bangladesh. The blogs cover a wide variety of topics including:

  • Wage digitization,
  • Health of workers,
  • Impact of Covid-19 on various aspects of their lives
  • Financial tools

You can find a list of the blogs from May to September below. Also please visit our dashboard to take a deep dive into the data we have collected.

Wage payments and digitization


Impact of Covid-19

Inside Garment Workers’ Households

Financial Tools

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Branchless Banking

Branchless Banking

Branchless banking is the practice of providing banking services outside of traditional bank branches. This can include the use of smart cards combined with a point-of-sale or point-of-transaction device, mobile money agents, banking correspondents, and many other innovations that bring banking services closer to the consumer at a low cost.
To learn more about MFO’s work on Consumer Education for Branchless Banking (CEBB) click here

Consumer Behavior

Consumer Behavior

It is critical to understand consumer behaviour to tailor financial products and services to meet the money management needs of consumers, as well as tailoring financial education. MFO has a wide variety of methodologies for identifying the behaviour of low-income consumers including Financial Diaries and the Financial Capabilities Index.

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection

There are many concerns in today’s large and globalized financial system that some individuals and businesses do not share the interest of the consumer at heart. Consumer protection is the responsibility of regulators, financial service providers, community leaders, individuals themselves, and providers of financial education. FE is a key component of consumer protection.

Financial Capabilities Index

Financial Capabilities Index

MFO created this index to help determine the financial capabilities of a given population, based on their own understanding of what it means to be financially capable – to manage money well.

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