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Starting a project in a new context, country or region? Where – gives you access to MFO’s select publications showcasing region specific approaches to research, financial capability development or results analysis.

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MFO has done past work in the Pacific region working on financial education programs that target the migrant worker population. In addition, MFO conducted a financial diaries study in Papua New Guinea.

Latin America & The Caribbean (LAC)

Latin America & The Caribbean (LAC)

In Latin America and the Caribbean, MFO has plenty of experience developing unique financial education tools that promote an individual’s financial capability. We use our programs in Latin America to further measure the effects financial education can have on consumer behavior.



As part of the Global Financial Education program, MFO worked on developing a general curriculum that can be applied to a wide range of different financial education programs. Additionally, our experts promote the general importance of financial education and financial capability development through many of their activities.

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